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Gist a github feature for sharing language specific formatted code

Finally after months and months I’ve found a neat, clear, formatted and even version controlled way of sharing code snippets.

Gist allows you to have language specific formatted code and embed it in any HMTL page or in a free blog like this one.

Here below is an example!

Hope this post helps people out there encouraging them to move all the embedded code that for years we’ve been raw pasting in our blogs, tidy them up and re-add in a cleaner, clearer way!


REST Payload API Versioning

In the last few days my focus has been on NoSQL DB(s) and REST services.

Points I’m more interested into are:

  • Payload API versioning
  • Platform independent Payload serialization and / or compression

I found on stackoverflow a very interesting debate on the versioning aspect.

Although exposing the API version in the URI gives great readability and control, I’m still a supporter of the media type field in the header.

I’ve initialized a github project so to realize a few PoC about the subjects I’m studying.

Examples make use of Jersey and Grizzly2 as container for tests. Everything is glued up with Spring 3.0 and built with Maven.

The code includes examples around:

  • Plain Json
  • Compressed (gzip) Json
  • Protocol buffer

You can dowload the code from github with the following command:

git clone

Any feedback is welcome.

Grep4j @ Google Dublin Group

Last 26th of February, I and my colleague Marco have been talking about Grep4J ( at Google Dublin Group (GDG).

Here is a link to the event:

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