We’ve moved

Dear reader, I’ve decided to create a brand new shiny blog at nemo83.dev and new content will be published there. I will keep this one live as there are a few articles that are now linked in a few places around the web and it would be a pity to break the links. Hope you’ll come … Continue reading We’ve moved


Guice Modules for Play apps

As a former Java / Spring developer I liked the concept of configuration classes (i.e. Java classes annotated with the Spring @Configuration annotation). I recently started to work with Play 2.3.x and Guice and one smell that I immediately found was the duplication in creating RedisClient objects. Basically each Dao was reading the configuration and … Continue reading Guice Modules for Play apps

Given When Then – How To

Expressing tests in a Given When Then style is the core practice of the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) methodology. Details about BDD can be found here. Writing tests in a GWT style can become tricky when there is no clear understanding / definition of what the actual test and preconditions are. As explained in Martin … Continue reading Given When Then – How To

Git for impatients

Clone a project: git clone git@github.com:nemo83/webservices.git Commit a change git commit -am “comment” Push (to remote) a change git push Retrieve changes for the current branch (it’s actually more but you’re impatient!) git pull –rebase Create a branch git branch branch_name Switch to a branch git checkout branch_name Switch and Branch in one go git … Continue reading Git for impatients

Equals and hashcode how to for Hibernate and JPA in general

This morning I was manually writing a Hibernate bean and, when I got to question myself whether or not implementing equals and hashcode, I stumbled upon quite a few dilemmas: shall I create them at all? (well yeah coz you want to use them in collections and the comparison between two objects should rely upon … Continue reading Equals and hashcode how to for Hibernate and JPA in general

The Kanban recipe to success

Recently I’ve read the illuminating book “Kanban” of David J. Anderson. One of the chapter that impressed me the most is “A Recipe for Success”. I’ve been working for the past few years in Agile teams and individuating ways of improving our work and simplifying the development process, was not an easy and immediate exercise. … Continue reading The Kanban recipe to success

Best way of mining bitcoins today

I recently started to analyse the phenomenon of bitcoins. Bitcoin is a digital p2p virtual coin. Explaining what bitcoins are is out of the scope of this article, but if you ever considered starting mining there are a few things you want to know. Couple of weeks ago a former colleagues of mine introduced me … Continue reading Best way of mining bitcoins today

Open Distributed Messaging Platform – Powered by Groupon

Some time ago I’ve been hearing quite often that HornetQ was not a good product or at least a bad choice for the platform we were working on. I really could not understand these. The company eventually decided to move away from it and adopt a different technology for their new developments. I recently joined … Continue reading Open Distributed Messaging Platform – Powered by Groupon

Gist a github feature for sharing language specific formatted code

Finally after months and months I’ve found a neat, clear, formatted and even version controlled way of sharing code snippets. Gist allows you to have language specific formatted code and embed it in any HMTL page or in a free blog like this one. Here below is an example! This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that … Continue reading Gist a github feature for sharing language specific formatted code

REST Payload API Versioning

In the last few days my focus has been on NoSQL DB(s) and REST services. Points I’m more interested into are: Payload API versioning Platform independent Payload serialization and / or compression I found on stackoverflow a very interesting debate on the versioning aspect. Although exposing the API version in the URI gives great readability and control, I’m … Continue reading REST Payload API Versioning