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Be Agile, don’t be frAgile

The last thing you want when you work in an agile environment, is to apply agile’s concepts wrongly or don’t apply them at all.
Agile methodologies require the whole organization to act in an agile way where cooperation and continuous feedbacks are the keys of the success.

Although it’s easier to give birth to an agile team at the very beginning of a project, is also true that there is hope to become agile for a team that is still working in archaic and old methodologies.

The journey is long but you will get there, eventually. The most important thing to become an excellent team, is to chase the main road and never pull out trying to get shortcuts that will, somehow, do the job.

For this reason, when the friend and colleague @castigliego came to me with the illuminating idea of collecting stories about “Fragile Software Development” and bad agile experiences, we decided to create the hashtag #fr_agile in twitter.

We would like to make #fr_agile a channel where people tell their experiences about bad application of agile concepts or misunderstanding of agile’s principles and, possibly, the way they got out of there.

This sharing activity might become an incredible source of ideas and knowledge so that readers might be able to identify a smell in their team and be able to get rid of it before it could possibly make some victims.

As in a perfect agile fashion, even in this case communicating and sharing are the keys.

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