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Open Distributed Messaging Platform – Powered by Groupon

Some time ago I’ve been hearing quite often that HornetQ was not a good product or at least a bad choice for the platform we were working on. I really could not understand these.

The company eventually decided to move away from it and adopt a different technology for their new developments.

I recently joined Groupon as a Java Developer and, surprise surprise, I’ve met again the little bee!

Without surprise I found out that Groupon makes use of HornetQ for Message Bus, a distributed Messaging System that has been made recently public on Message Bus.

Cannot really say much about the product, but you can easily imagine the volume of traffic that has been handled for the past five years, daily, by HornetQ.

If I think to these comments again, a smile appears on my face 🙂


I gotta feeling

I think there will never be more perfect night to start my blogging activity.

First of all I really think there’s something wrong with myself. So far, every time I asked to someone to guess where I’m from they never guessed at the first shoot. I received the most various answers, from Romania to Egypt, Mexico, Lithuania and so on.

Only few times someone said “Italy”!

Let’s introduce myself now. My name is Giovanni, a very common Italian name. I’m from Naples and I’m a software developer. I resigned in 2008 to move to Ireland and check how the Irish tiger was. In this first Irish year, hundreds of things happened. Troubles in private life, successes at work, new friends, new habits, nights spent at discos and pints, pints and still more pints of beer.

Few days ago I was visiting a tech-y blog here on wordpress and I fell in love with the its style so I decided that soon or later I had to open my own blog and begin, from time to time, to share something about myself such as adventures, trips and wannabe technical articles on the Java world.

It’s time to lay back and get some rest. Tomorrow (or should I say “later”?!) I have go to visit Dun Laoghaire with some friends.

It’s funny how tonight begun and finished with “sweet dreams”… Few of you, or maybe no one, will understand this, but it’ll be handy for me to remember that the just finished night might have been the begin of a new chapter of my life.


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