Best way of mining bitcoins today

I recently started to analyse the phenomenon of bitcoins. Bitcoin is a digital p2p virtual coin. Explaining what bitcoins are is out of the scope of this article, but if you ever considered starting mining there are a few things you want to know.

Couple of weeks ago a former colleagues of mine introduced me to the bitcoin world, with its pros and cons. Also he told me that there was a way of mining (creating) bitcoins.

Mining bitcoins, at the end of the day, is literally solving a math problem again and again. For every bitcoin (block) found, the problem to solve becomes more and more complicated.

If you’re curios to understand more about mining there are two nice articales straight from bitcoin mining wiki page:

The hardware used in mining evolved along with the growth of the mining problem. The list is:

  1. CPU
  2. GPU (graphic card / hpc)
  3. ASIC and FPGA (dedicated hardware)
  4. Cloud

The full hardware comparison list is at wiki link.

If you heard bitcoin for the first time today (or just a few days ago) thinking to mine them at home, or for hobbies will be hard and most likely a waste of power (specially if you’re not familiar with linux, programming languages, ASIC and FPGA).

Today everything runs in cloud, and surprise surprise, there are already kick-ass cloud solutions for mining bitcoins.

The top two I found are:


Even if I have an account on, I still prefer because it’s a way more mature and complete platform, they are part of (the biggest mining pool). They mine NMC, IXC and DVC. Last but not the least, if configured, they will send you updates on every block resolved.

So, if you ever decide to start mining, do it with and use the link so that I can take advantage of the referral bonus.

If you think this article was usefull to you, please donate a few mBTC to 1D4Li5ckG81JLbBt3Kb2UT1wQqHZddVqEL 🙂


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